Fine Tune Flip Turns

Power Bags: For Flip Turns:

  • Great to train faster flip turns
  • Train them to ‘throw water’ off the ends of the bags
  • Will help eliminate ‘down kicks’ into turns by keeping arms down as kick into a wall for a flip turn
  • Helps to untrain a 2-legged ‘down kick’ when engaging the turn
  • Flip Turn Drills that are ideal to add Power Bags:
    • 5-stroke Flip turns (flip every 5 strokes with full rotation and continue same direction)
    • On any ‘swim’ set, drop the arms at the flags and ‘kick through’ the turns
    • Lay flat on the surface (facing a partner), flip feet over the top and ‘throw water’ at your partner’s face
    • Add small pull buoys inside bags to avoid ‘down kick’ into turns

    Tech Snorkel: Improve Streamlines Off Walls

    • Frankly, the Tech Snorkel will pinch your mouth if you are not fully in streamline as you push off the wall
    • There is no other way to KNOW that you are fully in streamline at the precise moment of force
    • This one function makes the Tech Snorkel a must-have for competitive swimmers
    • Feedback (Swimmers FEEL / Coaches SEE / Video for Self-Analysis):

      • Don’t get mad when you FEEL the mouthpiece off the wall… get your arms locked sooner!
      • Any pressure on your mouth as you leave the wall, should tell you to get your arms up faster
      • Glide Paddle: Clean Up Incorrect Hand Movements During Flip Turns

        • The fins on the Glide Paddle will help swimmers feel incorrect arm/hand movements on their flip turns
        • The hands should stroke (normally) through on each of the last 2 strokes, stopping at the thighs
        • The hands don’t sweep out and try to ‘help’ the rotation, but be ready for streamline as the body rolls into the hands
        • Try drills like ‘5 Stroke Flip turns’ or just normal flip turns during workout sets
        • Feedback (Swimmers FEEL / Coaches SEE / Video for Self-Analysis):

          • Be sure your hands finish at our thighs and not outside the body line
          • You should not FEEL any pull or slicing of the paddles into or during the flip turn