Fine-Tune Breaststroke

Clean Up Breaststroke Recovery

  • ‘Slicing’ the hands through the water with intensity on Breaststroke recovery is key
  • The Glide Paddle (+ Wrist Trainer) helps swimmers feel the resistance and find better recovery angles
Feedback (Swimmers FEEL / Coaches SEE / Video for Self Analysis):
  • Practice high speed recovery with the least amount of resistance
  • Focus on a shallow extension with the least downward angle
  • Video or monitor from the side to see a clean, shallow extension

Power Bags: On Calves
IMG_9355 2_edited-1IMG_0013-Edit-2

  • Completely NEW way to feel and train the kick!
  • Restricts knee bend
  • Add drag for pull sets
  • Fires up your Breast kick

Power Bags: For Breast Kicking (bags on feet or Calves)
IMG_5706 2IMG_9415-2

  • Power the breast kick
  • Hide breast recovery
  • Help finish whip on Breast kicking
  • Increase calf awareness

Power Bags for Breast Kicking

Using the Power Bags for adding Drag Resistance for Breast Kicking

Power Bags: On Forearms (hand out or in Fist)
IMG_9856-Edit 2IMG_9831 2

  • Power the stroke and recovery
  • Build recovery muscles and speed
  • Increase recovery speed
  • Improve ‘high elbow’ or EVF Catch

Power Bags: On Kickboard (Note only the PB40 size fits on Kickboards, not PB25)
IMG_1062-Edit 3

  • Slide a Power Bag over the nose of most standard kickboards (tighten straps as needed)
  • Leave front of bag open to add resistance to normal kicking
  • Insert a pull buoy or other items into the bag on the front for high resistance
  • Add 1 strap belt around your waist and use other strap belt to drag the kickboard behind you
  • Drag over your feet to prevent kick from breaking surface for more power
  • Drag over your thighs to prevent thighs from breaking surface when breast kicking on back

Power Bags: As a High Elbow Development Tool

  • Hold any standard pull buoy around the biceps to develop a high elbow catch
  • Ideal for swimmers struggling to learn drills such as our ‘dropped elbow drill’ to create  high elbow and forearm catch stroke
  • Simply slide  buoy into each Power Bag, then slide the arm into the bag and tighten the bag above the elbow

1FlexBand: Train the Ideal Breast Kick

  • Better than a buoy between knees as the buoy forces the hips too high instead of hips moving forward
  • Controls a shoulder-width breast kick (with knees in the 2 outer cuffs)
  • Trains the ankles to quickly flex out and catch as much water as possible (when knees are in middle and outer cuff)
  • Trains a complete whip kick around and back behind the body (knees in middle and outer cuff)
  • Add the Power Bags to the feet (close the bottoms to keep feet inside bags) for more breast kick power
  • Kick vertical with the 1FlexBand to ensure the most power and quality

Feedback (Swimmers FEEL / Coaches SEE / Video for Self-Analysis):

  • FEEL your feet recover fast and fully
  • FEEL your feet catch water with the outer edge of feet as high as possible
  • FEEL your feet (big toes) finish completely together
  • SEE the feet finish up close to the surface and not down below the body

Wrist Trainer: Improve Breaststroke Catch

  • The Wrist Trainer can help drive the elbows up quickly on the breast catch
  • An early catch requires some wrist bend while not too much (about 15-20 degrees)
  • Use it with the Precision or Glide Paddles for Breaststroke catch
  • Normal sculling, outsweep drills with these paddle options
  • With the Glide paddle the out scull has to be very flat and deliberate
  • With the Precision (or Precise) paddle, the catch will not allow much dropped elbow

Feedback (Swimmers FEEL / Coaches SEE / Video for Self-Analysis):

  • FEEL the Wrist Trainer pressing on your wrist as you catch
  • Drive your elbows forward and your fingertips down