Eric’s Take on Things

Well, if you haven’t surmised it yet from our site, there are a lot of details involved in running a business in which your children are the brains and muscle! We are adding production staff of course but the core of our operations is really driven from the 3 kids that are still living at home with us. Luckily our kids get along and support each other very well, otherwise this would not be possible. Our 3 ‘younger ones’ have teamed up to push these products to a new level of detail. I train just these 3 kids now each day as their coach and we spend about an hour a week evaluating every piece of equipment we can find, ours and competitors. These 3 kids have learned to be very very thorough in how each piece of equipment impacts their training. This has created an impressive ‘machine’ of product development and ‘back and forth’ between our kids … so my job is to ‘herd cats’ sometimes. Each of these 3 have very different ways of looking at things, which is really one of the key reasons our products can offer so many unique features. From here out my blogs will mostly focus on the coaches perspective of our equipment as well as quality/production problems… all from the unique ‘dad’ focus that I get to have every day. Please let us know your thoughts. With our 3D printer production method, we LOVE to make changes to our designs on a regular basis. Unlikely injection molded products, we don’t hesitate to admit we have a flaw or can make an improvement. But we need your feedback to make the best equipment possible.