Freestyle – Training Progressions

FRPR50 Category:   Freestyle Stroke Technique Progression


These drills combine to develop both a high elbow (Early Vertical Forearm) stroke with the arms and a 3-beat kick for each stroke.  The entire progression wraps up with the Zipper drill to create a high elbow recovery and high angle hand entry.


  1. FRA01-01 Side-of-Pool Drill  (GIF) – 4 Point Elbow Bend Drill (GIF)
  2. FRA01-02 Same 4 Point Elbow Bend Drill but in the pool – 1 arm at a time (GIF)
  3. FRA02 Same 4 Point Elbow Bend drill  but alternate arms, no kick  (with buoy) (GIF)
  4. FRS02-05 Kick Switch (aka 6-Kick Switch) (GIF)
  5. Perfect Freestyle with 3 beat kick (aka 3-Kick Switch freestyle) (GIF)
  6. FRS04-02 Zipper Drill (thumb drags side of body on recovery) (GIF) (Full Video Link)