Freestyle – Full Stroke Drills – Underwater Free Return

FRS08 Category: Underwater Free Return


Engage catch with high elbow and pull to the top of the shoulder and recover much like a single arm breast stroke recovery underwater.   Recover back to the catch position as you alternate strokes


This drill can help train a full extension for freestyle to recover the arm to the desired extended catch position.  . It is Important to learn this skill in order to add Tennessee turns to your practices.


FRS08-01 On the surface

    • It is best to first learn to do this drill properly at the surface with normal breathing


FRS08-02 Completely submerged (Full Video Link TN Turns)

    • As part of Tennessee Turns, it is good to practice this drill fully submerged


FRS08-03 With Paddles (GIF)

    • Glide Paddles can help elongate the lead arm and stability the lead arm
    • Touch Paddles can help focus on the ‘Push’ phase just prior to the outsweep
    • Precision Paddles can help ensure that you don’t bend the wrist back for the ‘Push’ phase too soon (i.e hold the water on the forearm as long as possible)