Butterfly – Breakout Drills

FLBO01 Category: Butterfly Breakout Drills


Breakouts are the process of transitioning from the underwater body dolphins into the initial strokes.  These first few strokes off each dive and each wall are essential elements to be practiced in various ways to ensure speed is carried from the wall into the strokes.  These drills help swimmers focus on the techniques that are critical to this process.


Butterfly is hard enough, so getting the first strokes powerful deserves special attention

Focus on explosiveness into the first few strokes

Focus on surfacing substantially flat (hips up)  to carry the speed forward instead of up


FLBO01-01 3 Explosive Breakout Strokes (GIF)(Full Video Link)

  • Perform 3 strong breakout strokes without a breath
  • Focus on getting the hips up for the first stroke


FLBO01-02 Break In / Break Out Drill (GIF)(Full Video Link)

  • Perform a strong break out for 3-5 strokes and then arch the back and dive back under water for 3-5 submerged body dolphins, then 3-5 more breakout strokes
  • Continue the process for the entire lap
  • Helps train the details of a consistent breakout process