Note:  there are 2 trains of thought for Butterfly – conventional wisdom says that the arms should come out of the water with the elbows mostly locked and the arms rotate perpendicular to the body, just above the water and enter with the elbows locked directly above the shoulders. This engages the stroke from the surface and creates a high degree of shoulder stress and irritation without much forward propulsion during the initial stroke engagement. Newer wisdom as trained by www.swimmingtechnology.com trains the arms to ‘push’ under the thighs and then lift the arms at the elbows, keeping the recovering arms closer to the torso and entering just at/above the head.  Their method trains a stronger finish on the stroke with a much easier recovery and entry with less shoulder damage.



Butterfly – Arm Only

Butterfly – Kick Only

Butterfly – Full Stroke – 3/3/3 drill

Butterfly – Full Stroke – 3/3/1 (only 1 full stroke)

Butterfly – Full Stroke – 1/1/1 drill

Butterfly – Full Stroke – Body Dolphins Only with Full Butterfly Strokes

Butterfly – Full Stroke – 360 T-Press Body Dolphins with added Strokes

Butterfly – Full Stroke – Butterfly Arms only – Sculling (aka Conductor  or Wiper Blades)

Butterfly  – Breakout Drills

Butterfly – Turn Drills

Butterfly – Training Progression