Breaststroke – Pull Thru Drills

BRPT01 Category: Pull-Thru Drills  (also called Pull Outs)


The Pull Thru sequence starts with a quality streamline from the dive or off a turn. The most powerful component is the pull down in which the arms pull simultaneously  from a high elbow (EVF) catch through to the thighs.  A body dolphin can be added either before, during, or after the double-arm pull down (but in most regulations, if the body dolphin is prior to the pull down, the hands must separate before beginning the undulation).  As the hands recover from the pull down, the hands need to recovery under the body with the least amount of resistance.  A Single kick phase is allowed as the hands recovery into a glide.  The heads must break the surface as the first fill stroke is engaged .


Focus on the timing of each phase of the sequence:

    • gliding too long can be slow
    • not gliding long enough  can also be too slow

Focus on keeping the body flat on the pull down phase

Focus on surfacing substantially flat (hips up) to carry the speed forward instead of up

Focus on maintaining the proper depth throughout the sequence:

    • not too deep at the start (which makes the total pool distances longer)
    • not so shallow during the kick phase that the recovering feet break the surface
    • just below the surface as the first full stroke is engaged


BRPT01-01 2-Stroke Breaststroke  (Break in / Break out)   (GIF)(Full Video Link)

  • The goal of this drill is to swim the 25 yard pool with only 2 actual breaststrokes on the surface.
  • Push off the wall and complete the pull thru sequence   through to the first full stroke on the surface.  Finish the glide of the stroke by diving underwater for a second pull thru series.
  • Each phase of the stroke needs to be stretched out as much as possible for maximum distance.
  • This drill trains several things:
    • Ideal body position through each component of the pull thru for maximum discance
    • The timing of each connecting phase of the pull thru
    • The intensity of the full strokes on the surface needs to be strong enough to sustain the underwater pull thru sequence the second time


BRPT01-02 Pull Thru Drill  (GIF)

  • Lay flat on the surface and pull down with both arms to the thighs
  • Keep the body rigid and super flat from head to toes
  • Focus on ‘sneaking’ the hands close to the body to ‘hide’ them from resistance on the recovery
  • Continue with only the pull down and ‘sneak hands’ recovery the entire lap
  • Add Tech Snorkel to keep the head stable and eliminate breathing variables in the drill
  • Add Glide paddles or Touch paddles to make it harder to hide the recovery arms
  • Add Power Bags to add focus on hiding the legs/feet


BRPT01-01 Vertical Pull Downs

  • Perform this drill in water that is 9+ feet deep
  • Scull down to the bottom so the feet can push off the floor
  • Scull up to create speed then perform a dual arm Pull Down phase as you break through the surface
  • This helps  train maximum power as the swimmer attempts to launch themselves as high as possible out of the water