Breaststroke – Full Stroke – Full Breaststroke – Breathing Every Other Stroke

BRS02 Category: Full Breaststroke – Breathing Every Other Stroke


Engage a breath every other stroke.  Leave the face looking down on the non-breathing strokes.  It is critical that the swimmer not force their face to stay in the water during the non-breathing stroke but instead just not lift it to breath.


Helps train the head to quickly get into streamline for each stroke

Helps train the feeling of keeping the hips high during the non-breathing stroke

Helps train the body to stay reasonably flat to the surface at all times

Helps train the timing of the stroke by preventing the hips from dropping and breathing too long


      • Use a Tech Snorkel at first to be sure the swimmer is not taking too long to breath
      • Remove the snorkel and practice lifting the head to breath
      • Add Power Bags over the Calves to train the kick to connect the calves for power
      • Add Power Bags on feet to focus on hiding the kick recovery/glide and powering kick
      • Add Glide paddles to train a clean, fast recovery of the stroke
      • The 1FlexBand or the KickBand can help restrict the width of the knees