Breaststroke – Full Stroke – Full Breaststroke – 2 or 4 Second Glide

BRS03 Category: Full Breaststroke – 2 or 4 Second Glide


A full speed/timing  breaststroke but also lock into the glide for 2-4 seconds (best to count “1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi”


Trains the importance of a tight streamline and low head position in their power

Trains the importance of hiding the legs and straightening the feet on the glide


      • Use a Tech Snorkel at first to maintain good timing and quick ‘breath’ cycles
      • Focus on a tight streamline that squeezes the shoulders and elbows to be as narrow as possible
      • Focus on a high kick recovery that opens up the feet at the top of the recovery quickly
      • Focus on finishing the kick by whipping the feet together to get a little added distance from each glide
      • Add Power Bags over the Calves to train the kick to connect the calves for power
      • Add Power Bags on feet to focus on hiding the kick recovery/glide and powering kick
      • The 1FlexBand or the KickBand can help restrict the width of the knees