Breaststroke – Full Stroke – Fly kick with Breaststroke

BRS11 Category: Fly kick with Breaststroke


Breaststroke arm stroke combined with a body dolphin undulation.   The propulsive down kick connects with the timing of the glide phase of the upper body.

Note: Much of the industry is moving toward a ‘flat’ breaststroke with little-to-no undulation (as do we at swimmersbest) and to that end, this drill may not be a good choice.   However, most ‘arms only’ drills for breaststroke will naturally involve a minor undulation of the legs.  This is not necessary but mostly due to the swimmer’s frustration of how slow they move from a breaststroke arm propulsion only.


Trains a body dolphin undulation as part of a breaststroke

Trains a thrust into the glide phase of the breaststroke


      • Most of these drills can be done with or without a pull buoy (to keep the hips high)
      • Paddles such as the Glide paddle can help focus on the recovery phase of the stroke
      • Power Bags on the feet or calves can train a high lower body during the glide phase


BRS11-01 Fly Kick with Breaststroke (single arm or dual arm)

BRS11-02 Pulse Drill – Breaststroke

    • 2 body dolphins on surface, following by 2 full breaststrokes.  This combines the undulation of a Fly along with the breaststroke arm stroke.  The undulation can be separated from a full breaststroke (Pulse drill) or can be combined such as an undulation + breaststroke arms only.
    • Trains a full undulation as part of the breaststroke


BRS11-03 3 Fly / 3 Breast

    • 3 full butterfly strokes, followed by 3 full breaststrokes
    • This can have many variations such as single arm butterfly strokes, followed by breaststrokes.