Breaststroke – Full Stroke – Crisscross Arms Breaststroke Catch

BRS09 Category: Crisscross Arms Breaststroke Catch


From crossed biceps, take a complete stroke with the hands facing away from each other… continue stroke through the recovery.  As the arms recover, cross them at opposite directions so they stop at the crossed position in the glide.  This is best to do with the head above water at all time (even the glide) at first.  Then you can mix up different variations.


Helps strengthen the muscles just under arm pits

Helps create a more relaxed recovery and catch when you use regular breaststroke after this

Helps speed up the recovery phase with the added distance of travel

Helps train a faster head drop into the streamline position.


BRS09-01 Crisscross breaststroke with head up at all times

BRS09-02 Crisscross breaststroke with head dropping down into streamline during glide

BRS09-03 Crisscross breaststroke – 4 strokes with heads up, remaining lap normal breaststroke