Breaststroke – Full Stroke – Broken Breaststroke

BRS01 Category: Broken Breaststroke (GIF)(Full Video Link)


This series of drills ignores the timing issues and helps swimmers focus on each single element in series.  The swimmer stops at each step in the process and pauses before engaging the next step.  For the arms, the first glide with lock elbows, then scull outward and stops in the scull position.  They engage the arms by bending at the elbows straight down and lift the next to breath and stop for a moment in that position.   Then they recover the arms forward and drop the head between the arms into streamline.  With these ‘broken’ drills, the legs wait until the arms are in streamline before recovering and stopping, then opening up the feet and stopping, then kick out and back (not locking the knees until the ankles are pointed straight behind the body


This process helps the swimmer focus on each component one at a time


      • Ideally start this drill with a Tech Snorkel so the process of lifting the head is a component of the stroke and not a habit of breathing too long
      • At first have the swimmer maintain about a 1 second pause for each component
      • Slowly have the swimmers put all the pieces closer and closer together
      • Can mix these drills with the Piston drill (BRK01-03) to help train the kick timing
      • The 1FlexBand or the KickBand can help restrict the width of the knees