Breaststroke – Full Stroke – 2 Pulls, 1 Kick

BRS04 Category: Breaststroke – 2 Pulls, 1 Kick


Full breaststroke with normal timing and technique.  1 stroke is a combination of a full arm stroke and a full kick.  The other stroke has an arm stroke without the kick.  

Note:  If training a less conventional breaststroke without the body undulation, it should be noted that this drill tends to encourage a body dolphin on the arm-only stroke.  Therefore, if training the newer system of a flatter breaststroke, attention should be given to reducing the undulation on the arm-only stroke phase.


Helps eliminates pauses in the Pull and Recovery phase

Helps develop power on the Pull phase


      • Add Glide paddles to help focus on arm recovery
      • Add Power Bags over the Calves to train the kick to connect the calves for power
      • Add Power Bags on feet to focus on hiding the kick recovery/glide and powering kick