Breaststroke – Full Stroke – 2 kicks, 1 Pull

BRS05 Category: Breaststroke – 2 kicks, 1 Pull


Full Breaststroke with normal timing and technique.  1 stroke is a combination of full arm stroke and a full kick.  The second cycle is a kick only.


Trains a level body position throughout stroke

Trains to focus on power of kick phase while still able to breath without snorkel

Trains on quickly getting into a perfect streamline glide position


      • Use a Tech Snorkel at first to be sure the swimmer is not taking too long to breath
      • Remove the snorkel and practice lifting the head to breath
      • Add the light 1FlexBand below knees to help learn to ‘hide recovery’
      • Add Power Bags over the Calves to train the kick to connect the calves for power
      • Add Power Bags on feet to focus on hiding the kick recovery/glide and powering kick