Breaststroke – Breakout Drills

BRBO01 Category: Breaststroke Breakout Drills


While clearly the breakout stroke of the breaststroke is a continuation of the pull through (aka pull out), it is helpful to develop the intensity of the initial strokes.  Timing is one of the key elements to the breaststroke and therefore setting up perfect timing of the first breakout stroke .


Focus on the timing of the first stroke

Focus on surfacing substantially flat (hips up) to carry the speed forward instead of up


BRBO01-01 2-Stroke Breaststroke  (Break in / Break out)   (GIF)(Full Video Link)

Note:  this drill is the same as BRPT01-01

  • The goal of this drill is to swim the 25 yard pool with only 2 actual breaststrokes on the surface.
  • Push off the wall and complete the pull thru sequence   through to the first full stroke on the surface.  Finish the glide of the stroke by diving underwater for a second pull thru series.
  • Each phase of the stroke needs to be stretched out as much as possible for maximum distance.
  • This drill trains several things:
    • Ideal body position through each component of the pull thru for maximum discance
    • The timing of each connecting phase of the pull thru
    • The intensity of the full strokes on the surface needs to be strong enough to sustain the underwater pull thru sequence the second time


BRBO01-02 No  Breath Breakout Strokes

  • Take 2-3 initial strokes without a breath (or at least keep the face low to the water without attempted to take a breath
  • By taking the breath out of the initial strokes, the swimmer can focus on the quality and timing of the strokes.