Backstroke – Full stroke – Double Arm Backstroke

BKS04 Category: Double Arm Backstroke


Swim on the back and rotate both arms simultaneously through the recovery and catch phase.  This drill is limited in that is eliminates side-to-side body rotation.


Reinforces a ‘pinky first’ hand entry and catch phase.  

Creates focus on the power phase and outsweep

Can be a great method to develop the ‘push’ with the wrist bent back just prior to the outsweep

Encourages a straight arm overhead reach while eliminating overreaching

Encourages the outsweep to be with thumbs first


BKS04-01 Horizontal on the water – with body dolphin (w/ or w/o buoy between thighs or ankles)

      • Double Arm backstroke can be easiest to learn with a body dolphin undulation at first.  This also helps drives the hands a little deeper for a stronger initial catch.
      • Add pull buoy between ankles to improve balance and improve the power of the downkick on the undulation


BKS04-02 Horizontal on the water – With flutter kick (GIF) (Full Video Link)

      • Adding the flutter kick is a good alternative version for this drill


BKS04-03 Add Paddles

  • Glide paddles for more awareness of ‘pinky first’ hand entry and exit
  • Touch Paddles to encourage a push prior to the outsweep and to develop power
  • Precision to improve EVF catch


BKS04-04 Vertical lunges from the floor in the deep end

      • Push off the floor in 10+ feet, body dolphin toward the surface and take a double arm backstroke pull just as the head breaks the surface to extend the body up and out of the water.
      • This drill helps connect the hands just as the head is exiting the water