Backstroke – Full stroke – Backstroke arms with body dolphin

BKS09 Category: Backstroke arms with body dolphin


Normal Backstroke arm strokes with a body dolphin kick.


These drills help develop the core and a strong catch but it is important to dolphin from side to side to help maintain a reasonable body rotation (which can be restricted with this drill).


BKS09-01 Backstroke with Body Dolphin

    • Focus on rotating from side-to side with each stroke.  Generally this is easiest with 1 kick per stroke.


BKS09-02 Add Power Bags to power up the kick

    • Add Power Bags to the feet to increase cardio workout from this drill


BKS09-03 Heads up

    • Hold the head above the water for half a lap before dropping the head to the water surface.  This drill can improve core and stroke muscles.  However, this can also strain the shoulders and should be used sparingly.