Drag Tether Kit

  • A set of 3 tethers to give you a wide range of options for drag resistance sets
  • Set includes a 30 foot and 2 ten foot tethers
  • Tethers can be linked together so you can create a range of long lengths
  • Create tethers to target precise distances between the swimmer and parachute(s)
  • Force explosive breakouts by targeting large chutes just prior to breakout distance
  • Build intensity into turns by opening chutes just before the flags
  • Leave chutes on the pool deck to come off just at the breakout
  • Daisy chain multiple chutes such as the 1SwimChute together to build intensity
  • Tethers include Double Buckles to attach end-to-end
  • Each tether has a loop on one end (for a carabiner) and flat on the other (for adjustable buckles)
  • Double buckles allow tethers to interconnect or create a loop for a carabiner
  • Sliding buckle is included to fit over belts and connect and adjust length of ¾” straps

Kit includes: 30 ft tether, 10 ft tethers (x2), 3 double buckles, sliding buckle, and 3 carabiners













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How to Install Caribiner at any position on long tethers (with double buckle):

How to Connect 2 Tethers End-to-End (with double buckle):