Do It Yourself Lane Markers

Power Bags as Lane Markers:

  • Power Bags are great to mark the lanes from the floor or from the lane line
  • Ideal options for 15 meter mark/red line breakout, breathing control, breakout point, etc…
  • Options:
    • Add our Weight Bags and a carabiner to hang from the lane line
    • Add our Weight Bags and a sponge to set bag on bottom of pool


Weight Bags as Lane Markers

  • Add lane markers instantly to your pool
  • Mark the 15 meter break-out point, goal underwater points, flags, etc..
  • Lane Line option: add Weight Bag(s) inside our Power Bags and carabiner to a lane line
  • Lane Floor option: Add Weight Bag(s) inside Power Bags and add a small Pull buoy to quickly add a marker that floats up off the floor
  • Floating versions from the floor can safely limit how deep swimmers dive by moving up the buoy to your target depth that they have to stay above
  • Mates With: Power Bags, optionally 1SwimBelt