ONE Swim’s Coronavirus Safety Plan

With the Coronavirus shutting down our practices and pools, the only thing we can do as coaches is be ready to hop back in the pool with a plan to continue to prevent the spread of this illness. So, as a company and our own team we have started this Safety Plan.

The Plan:

This is ONE Swim’s FREE plan and preventative plans and ideas. This plan will be expanded on as knowledge on this illness grows. We will add all of the updates on this plan as they come along. We encourage you to download and print this plan for your board/parents feel free to download and print.

Link:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dfIdo3B240z0Feglr33LxQuayFWtlR6aOtGktuNnKHM/edit?usp=sharing



Safety Plan Products:

We have made these products for you to use in your practices. Of course, for this plan you are not required to use these products, but we have created these products to help you save time from making something yourself. We want your team to be able to continue practices and be as safe and healthy as possible.

Here are products that are ready for you to purchase for your groups:

The ONEfocus Headsets

This is the only way for you to communicate with all of your swimmers at the same time. This takes the complexity of this process away because you can correct and explain all at once without yelling at the whole pool.

Station Marker

In this Safety Plan, this is the swimmers new “wall.” This is where they will start/stop in the set at all times. This will allow you to space out your swimmers at a safe distance.

Gear Hammock

This is so the swimmers can have their personal equipment at their new “wall.” So, you do not have to do practices without your essential equipment.


**Other products coming out soon**