Swim Practice Social Distancing Protocol

How are teams going to put 6 kids in one lane?

  • We can put kids in one lane and still social distance without having 6 kids at the same wall
  • We can run 6 kids at max effort without having them stop at the walls
  • In 2020, we need a new approach for swim team training
  • Either 2 kids per lane (one at each wall) OR you position them 6-10 ft apart down the lane with Station Markers
  • Our Station Marker hangs in the lane line and is color coded below the water and above for swimmers to know where to stop as their “home base” even when swimming on their back
  • Our Gear Hammock hangs under the lane line to store fins, paddles, snorkels, and other gear out of the way so swimmers don’t return to the wall for equipment changes
  • Our Kickboard/Buoy Lane Line Mount will stand floating devices upright and close to the lane line

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Tips for Setting up your Station Markers – Swimming 25s, 75s, etc…

Digging Deeper – click here to learn about all of the details of the protocol and how to move in and out of the facility safely.

Workouts with this system – here we have complete sets and workout ideas from coaches. Be featured on our website by submitting your plan to Bethany@swimmersbest.com

Video on how to train with this system

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