Breast Fins Trainer Model

Fix Breast Problems


Additional Uses/Tips/Support:

Breast Fins Trainer Model

How to install and Adjust:

  • Notice that there IS a Left and Right fin
  • Place the foot on the TOP of the fin (so you can read the words)
  • Secure your foot with the Velcro strap
  • Wrap the heel strap around and into the quick connect
  • Tighten the heel strap
  • Attach the elastic ‘hinge’ to the outside edge of the fin

    Our Recommended Training Progression:
    We Recommend that you follow a few simple rules in training new breast kicks:

  • Never let them do it wrong (it won’t ‘work itself out’)
  • Start with our 4 stop drill
  • Do not continue with lane swimming and other drills until they can do it against the wall correctly and regularly
  • Once they can do this against the wall, do the same 4-stop drill down the line for just a few kicks
  • As they can do it right, you can add the pull and breathing to the process.

    Our 4-stop Drill (with hands on the wall and their hips up at the surface):

  • Draw feet to bum (‘up’)
  • Rotate the feet to face away from knees (‘rotate’)
  • Pivot the knees out to the sides of the body (‘out’)
  • Press the feet down and around (‘around’)