Stationary Swim Trainers and Swim-in-Place Kits

Train in Any Pool

Tethered Swimming is for:

  • Competitive Swimmers in backyard pools
  • Triathletes
  • Exercise fans
  • Vacation swim training

  • 3 different systems to tether you for swimming in place

    1. Basic Stationary Swim Trainer (see below)
    2. Half Long stretch cords
    3. Lane Line Stationary Swim Trainer (which is only for competitive pools with lane lines and not covered here).

  • Please scroll down this page to see more about our swim-in-place kits to ensure your workouts are engaging and challenging!
  • Dig deeper into swim in place exercises and workouts with an article on this topic before you buy. (click here)


For set ideas w/ Basic Stationary Kits: CLICK HERE