Backyard Pool Training: Cardio and Technique Training For Underwaters

By SwimSwam Partner Content
May 17th, 2020

Keep your swim muscles and conditioning while your pool is closed by using your backyard pool effectively and efficiently. With Interval Intensity methods you CAN use a short pool and keep yourself in the physical condition you need for your competitive swimming.

Here is an article that will layout the process of using your backyard pool for highly resistive and highly intense workouts:

One great way to build your cardio conditioning, your glutes, and the quality of your underwaters is with a variety of wall kicking exercises. In this version of Wall Kicking we combine the value of wall kicking with your underwaters.

Wall Kicking into Underwater Lengths:


  1. Start with the Power Chute on your back (a parachute that attaches to the small of your back to make your short pool a true workout)
  2. Kick against wall for 10 or 15 seconds
  3. Do a forward flip turn into the wall
  4. Stay underwater and undulate to the opposite wall
  5. Repeat this with other kick types on the wall (flow, back, breast)
  6. For other drills and set components, check out our Free Shared Doc.

    Digging deeper:

    1. Add Power Bags on calves or feet to increase the resistance
    2. Add Weight Bags to the Ankles to add muscle engagement to the recovery muscles

    For more information about why and what equipment is the best check out this SwimSwam article here.

    Putting in the Work (a mini set):

    • 2 x through (do with Power Bags over Calves)
    • Wall kicking Flutter kick into UW Flutter Kick
    • Wall kicking Flow on stomach into UW undulations
    • Wall kicking BR kick into UW BR kick
    • Wall kicking Flutter Kick into UW undulations

    See Backyard Pool Resistance Kits
    Additional Sets and Components