Backyard Pool Drill: Salo 50

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May 09th, 2020

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So many of us are locked out of our lap pools for an unknown amount of time and are likely to be locked out again pretty soon if they do open up. But you CAN use your backyard pool as an ideal tool to keep you in shape as a competitive swimmer or triathlete. Here is an article that will give you a ton of ideas on how to maximize your workouts with a backyard pool that will then link you to plenty of workouts, sets, drills, and methods you can use to keep improving all summer if you need to (

Below is a simple drill that will work to take any length pool and make it a great cardio workout. Use this drill in the middle of other components to get your heart pumping and make your workouts harder. We call this the Salo 50 (inspired by the type of things Dave Salo uses regularly) as it is a mini version of a 50 yard set we include in our swim team sets pretty regularly. We use it as a quick way to stress the body and heart leading into a more serious component of a workout.


  1. Push off wall into an immediate 360 flip turn
  2. Superman kicking (flutter kick with head out of water and arms in position 11)
  3. Surface open turn
  4. Back kick to starting wall

For other drills and set components, check out our Free Shared Doc:

Digging deeper:

  1. Add Power Bags on calves or feet to increase the resistance
  2. Add Weight Bags to the Wrists to add weight to the front end of the body
  3. Add Power Chute to the small of your back to add resistance to the overall drill

For more information about why and what equipment is the best, go to SwimSwam’s article here:

Putting in the Work (a mini set):
Equipment: Power Bags on calves

Salo 50

8 lengths all out
Underwater length

Salo 50
Repeat set

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