Ankle Strap

Please NOTE – this is NOT for a single ankle but for 2 ankles together
– Sold as single strap (not as a set)

Each Strap Fits:
– Both the ankles together
– Forearms or biceps
– Calves or thighs
– Around fins (to secure SB Drag Cups or SB Weight Bags)
– Add SB Weight Bags or Drag Cups to our Eel-Fins

Great for in-water and dryland exercises
FAR more comfortable to strap ankles together than rubber and silicon options
Quickly adjust to a comfortable and secure tension

Mate with:
SB Weight Bags
SB Drag Cups

Buckle design:
– Allows you to tighten it ‘just right’ quickly
– Minimizes the wear on the Velcro
– Prevents the strap from coming loose