3D Printed Masks

Downloadable 3D Printing Files:

Notes for 3D Printer Operators:

  • We recommend printing with ABS filament
  • You can try any filament you have, but you must test your first printed sample to be sterilized in an oven at 70 ℃ or 158 ℉ for 30 minutes to ensure it does not misshapen

  • Please use fine grit sandpaper to sand the inside edges of masks to remove sharp burrs and such before sealing
  • We recommend for ABS and PLA plastics, that you brush on a coating of acetone to seal the surface
  • We recommend that you convert to a 0.3mm nozzle kit in order to print more masks per day

Filters for 3D Printed Masks:

  • We recommend carefully cutting surgical masks into small square filters
  • Filters should be sandwiched between the front spacer and the mask to ensure the filter is close to the mouth
  • Be sure to give users dimensions for cutting filters for each mask size
  • Each surgical mask should produce 6+ insert filters


  • Filter layers will come apart cutting and must be sealed together before use.
  • A bar-styled sealer such as this one is required
  • The seam of the seal destroys that section of filtration, so we recommend only one seal line across the center of each filter.
  • MUST USE LOW HEAT to avoid melting through the filter. A setting of 3 or less, and holding for 3-5 seconds, should suffice.

Strap-Tie Recommendations:

  • Simple string of ribbon that can be tied top and bottom will suffice
  • There is no need to overthink special elastic or strapping
  • As elastic cording and drawstring stoppers are available, this can add a touch of convenience
    • Filter Cut Dimensions

      • Large/Medium = 1.5″ x 1.5″
      • Small = 1.4″ x 1.4″

      • How To Properly Seal Filters:

        1. Set the sealer to a setting of 3, or less
        2. Align the cut filter material together
        3. Open the sealer and place the filter material across to seal across the middle of the filters
        4. Hold sealer down for 3-5 seconds
        5. Take filter materials out and place them inside the front of the face mask