3D Printed Face Shields

3D printing file: Download


  • Face Shields will protect your eyes and mask
  • We prefer 3D printed face shields over the DIY versions with foam as they can be more thoroughly sterilized.


  • We recommend ABS but PLA will also work (we do not recommend soft flexible materials for this)
  • 3D printed head bracket
  • Overhead project sheets (cut in half to protect eyes 8.5×5.5, or ¾ size 8.5×8)
  • Clear sheets can be slid through the slot in the head bracket
    Sterilizing 3D printed face shields:

    • Remove face shield and wipe with alcohol, hand sanitizer, or sanitizing wipes
    • Hand head frame in an oven (30 minutes at 70 ℃ or 158 ℉)