Knee Adjuster Kit

Adjustable Knee Width

Additional Uses/Tips/Support:

ONE Knee Adjuster Kit: Breast Kicking

  • Dial in any knee width you need for breast kick training
  • You can start with the knees closer than shoulder width… and gradual increase the width
  • Practice ‘kick only’ or full stroke (on stomach o on back)
  • Practice your kick on your stomach, on back, or vertically
  • Practice dual-leg kick, single legs, or alternating legs (i.e. egg beater)

ONE Knee Adjuster Kit: Reduce Excess Knee Bend on Free and Backstroke

  • Secure Knee Adjuster kit to each ankle
  • Control the distance between the ankles to suit your knees

ONE Knee Adjuster Kit: Train ‘High Elbow’ or “EVF’ Catch

  • Use for ‘Bending Elbow’ drill with alternating arms and underwater recovery
  • Helps keep the elbows high and wide on the engagement of the catch

ONE Knee Adjuster Kit: Control Knee Width on Flip Turns

  • Attach knees for the desired distance between knees
  • At first you may want to keep knees close
  • Eventually you want to train the knees to maintain shoulder width on recovery
ONE Knee Adjuster Kit: Feedback (Swimmers FEEL/ Coaches SEE / Video for Self Analysis)
  • You should feel water moving through your legs as you recover the legs on flip turns
  • Your feet need to land on the wall at shoulder width
  • Stop your flip with your feet on the wall and check to see your foot placement

Link:   Using the ONE Knee Strap to Improve Flip Turns

ONE 1SwimCuff: Breaststroke Kick power

  • Wrap 1SwimCuff to the ball of your foot (loop over the top of foot, or on the outside edge)
  • Attach carabiner to loop on 1SwimCuff and a stretch cord
  • Engage breast kick
  • Optionally balance on top of Physio ball and breast kick with both legs
 Feedback (Swimmers FEEL/ Coaches SEE / Video for Self Analysis)
  • Your breast kick should power from the outer edge of your foot

Link:   Using the ONE 1SwimCuff to power our breast kick

1SwimCuff: Build Upper Body Power without Dropping Your Elbow

  • Most dryland stretch cord work encourages dropped elbows
  • Attach 1SwimCuff to elbow and to a paddle like our StrokeRight
  • Using the Cuff on the elbow can help keep you from dropping your elbow
Feedback (Swimmers FEEL/ Coaches SEE / Video for Self Analysis)
  • Be sure you are keeping your elbow high on your catch with dryland cord work

Link:   Using the ONE 1SwimCuff to improve your EVF Power

1SwimCuff: Build Leg Power

  • Connect 1SwimCuff to either the ankle or calf and connect a carabiner to stretch cord
  • Lay on your stomach (on physio ball) and attach cord below your leg to build recovery power
  • Attach bungee both above and below the leg to develop power in both directions
Feedback (Swimmers FEEL/ Coaches SEE / Video for Self Analysis)
  • ‘Recovery Power’ is the process or pulling your leg UP when on your stomach
  • The recovery muscles are the hardest to develop and thus the most important

Link:   Using the ONE 1SwimCuff to improve kick power

1SwimCuff: Build Upper Body power Without a Paddle

  • Use the 1SwimCuff as your ‘paddle’ by wrapping it around your palm
  • Minimize dropping your elbow by attaching it to your forearm instead of your hand

Link:   Using the ONE 1SwimCuff to Improve Upper Body Power