Versatile Waist Belt

    • The 1SwimBelt and 1SwimCuff comprises a family of interconnecting parts that allow our users to mix and match for a range of different uses and functions
    • These parts combine to make the SB 1SwimChute kit, our Hip Fin Kit, Knee Adjuster Kit and parts from this system are used in our Core Control and StrokeRight products… just to name a few.
    • 2 sizes:
      • 1SwimBelt (fits most 11 and up swimmers)
      • Knee Strap (same waist belt for thinner swimmers (10 and under))



Purchase Options

Step 1: Choose Your Belt or Cuff

1SwimCuff                                                1SwimBelt

Long-Term Maintenance:

      • As the female Velcro ‘feathers out’ just take scissors and trim down the excess to get more life out of your SB straps.

Step 2: Choose Your Belt/Cuff Attachment Options

Sliding Universal Buckle                        Standard Carabiner

Step 3: Choose Your Extension Connector

1SwimChute Tether                                      Short Tether

Step 4: Choose Your Equipment and Accessories

1SwimChute                              Hip Fins                                     Tether Float

Additional Uses/Tips/Support:

1SwimBelt Kit

      • Finally a solution to all the parts and pieces you have on the pool deck
      • The 1SwimBelt Kit is your solution for belts and pull tethers
      • The belt is a super durable elastic strap with Velcro closure and just enough give for a snug fit
      • Belt mates with the SB Hip Fins, CoreControl, and more
      • Use the SB 1SwimBelt for all your swim related needs
      • The tether is 7 foot long which adjusts with the sliding buckle to an length you need
      • The kit includes a carabiner to complete the kit and attach any chute or other drag equipment

Items and kits available:

      • 1SwimBelt Kit (Belt, 7′ tether, sliding buckle, and carabiner)
      • 1SwimBelt (Velcro belt only)
      • Sliding Buckle (attaches to ¾” strapping)
      • 7 foot tether (loop on 1 side, other end is flat to mate with ¾” buckle)
      • Tether Float (float only)

Tether Float:

      • Slides over 1”, ¾” and ½” strap tethers
      • Super buoyant and strong (3-4x the buoyancy of normal foam floats)
      • Designed to slide back to the Chute
      • When moving the thin design ‘stands up’ to offer thinner profile between feet

Flip Turn Training

      • Wrap the SB 1SwimBelt around the chest to secure a buoy
      • This accentuates the natural flotation of the chest
      • Helps train you to drive chest forward into turns
      • Helps train you to control your buoyance off the walls

Items and kits available:

      • 1SwimBelt Kit (Belt, 7′ tether, sliding buckle, and carabiner)
      • 1SwimBelt (Velcro belt only)
      • 1SwimCuff (Velcro cuff only with built-in buckle and loop)
      • Sliding Buckle (attaches to ¾” strapping)
      • Short Tether (used in Knee Adjuster Kit and StrokeRight)
      • 1SwimChute (adjusts to 3 sizes – chute only)
      • 1SwimChute Kit (1SwimBelt, 1SwimChute, Long Tether)
      • Hip Fins (2 fins only)
      • Hip Fins Kit (2 fins and 1SwimBelt)
      • Tether Float (float only)
      • Knee Adjuster Kit (2 1SwimCuffs, 1SwimBelt)

Drag Tether Kit

      • A set of 3 tethers to give you a wide range of options for drag resistance sets
      • Set includes a 30 foot and 2 ten foot tethers
      • SB Tethers can be linked together so you can create a range of long lengths
      • Create tethers to target precise distances between the swimmer and parachute(s)
      • Force explosive breakouts by targeting large chutes just prior to breakout distance
      • Build intensity into turns by opening chutes just before the flags
      • Leave chutes on the pool deck to come off just at the breakout
      • Daisy chain multiple chutes such as the SB 1SwimChute together to build intensity
      • Tethers include Double Buckles to attach end-to-end
      • Each tether has a loop on one end (for a carabiner) and flat on the other (for adjustable buckles)
      • Double buckles allow tethers to interconnect or create a loop for a carabiner
      • Sliding buckle is included to fit over belts and connect and adjust length of to ¾” strap tethers
Kit includes:
      • 30 ft. tether
      • 10 ft. tether
      • 10 ft. tether
      • 3 double buckles
      • Sliding buckle
      • 3 carabiners